Looking for high quality, reasonably priced craft wood?

Look no further! Richard's Craft Wood located in Clemmons, NC offers 25+ different species of wood in varying thicknesses perfect for scroll work, box making, and other wood craft uses.

1/8 inch | 1/4 inch | 3/8 inch | 1/2 inch available for online purchase.


Richard, I just wanted to send a note and thank you for the great service on my wood order. It was my first order with you and the wood is in great shape, packaging was perfect and I will enjoy my scroll sawing for a while. I had bought some at the Klingspor woodworking show in Hickory last October and really liked the wood. I found your card and checked on your webpage and decided to give it a try. Again I just wanted to say thank you to you and your staff.
Sincerely, Mike


Richard is a wood expert and cabinet maker. He has been working with wood all his life and is deeply familiar with the physical properties of the different types of wood. He knows what woods are easy to work with, and which ones require more skill. He understands how different woods react differently to sunlight, stains and other wood preparation methods. In all that he does, and especially in the preparation of his product – he values quality.


Richard’s Craft Wood uses only high-quality, defect-free lumber. The preparation process is carefully handled to prevent snipe and to ensure your wood measures exactly what it should (as can be tested with a micrometer). 

Defect Free Lumber

No Snipe

Exact Thickness


The bulk of our wood comes from a tree trimming service. This means we get a lot of urban old-growth that often has beautiful figure. Our exotic woods are sourced from reputable importers. 

All our locally harvested wood is air dried, and then kiln dried. After this, all wood is stored at a temperature of about 65 – 70 degrees and at a humidity of between 45 – 55%.